Aleksandra Biernat

Aleksandra Biernat

  • ABiernat at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
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Ola is a postgraduate researcher working towards her PhD qualification. She is a recipient of a fully funded scholarship for her research project focusing on female knowledge workers who use flexible work arrangements (FWA) in organisations.

Specifically, she is exploring how organisations enable and facilitate FWA; but also how female knowledge workers themselves negotiate flexibility with their employers. Her study also explores how women experience FWA and what the intended and unintended consequences of flexibility are.

Her general research interests are: Gender in organisations, flexible work, knowledge work, work life balance, impact of ICT on work life balance, impact of motherhood on career, career theory, and structuration theory.

Ola also engages in teaching seminars and delivering lectures in the Managing People module at the M level. Her current teaching includes topic such as cultural context, team working and diversity in organisations.

Conference Presentations

  • British Academy of Management, Female Talents in the Knowledge Economy: Flexibility and Careers, 07 Sep 2015, Portsmouth, UK
  • EURAM Doctoral Colloquium, 15 Jun 2014, Warsaw, Poland
  • British Academy of Management Doctoral Symposium, 08 Sep 2014, Belfast
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