Anna Wimbledon

Dr Anna Wimbledon

  • awimbledon at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Lecturer In Criminology
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I am a lecturer in criminology with an interest in combining philosophy with criminology. I have expertise in criminological theory and feminist theory. I am particularly interested in researching and teaching on topics that address social injustice and question the legitimacy of state power. My research and teaching interests include: critical criminology; state violence; abolitionism; zemiology; existential criminology; feminist theory; violence against women.

In 2021 I completed my PhD in Philosophy and Criminology at the University of Sussex. My thesis incorporates philosophy, feminist theory, and criminology to theorise the mind of the rapist, providing an account of the individual that is compatible with a structural analysis of rape. The subjectivity of the rapist in the moment of the act is theorised through combining Simone de Beauvoir’s existentialism with symbolic interactionism. Providing an account of sexual objectification as a process in the mind of the rapist counters the recent shift to embracing sexual objectification as empowering for women, and the anti-humanist trend in feminist theory...


Profile of Teaching PG

  • Penalism and Punishment

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Introduction to Criminological Theory (level 4)


  • PhD in Philosophy and Criminology (University of Sussex, 2021)
  • MPhil in Criminological Research (Cambridge University, 2016)
  • BA (Hons) in Philosophy (University College London, 2014)