A Handbook of Cultural Economics, Second Edition

Authors: Towse, R.

ISBN: 9781848448872


'A Handbook of Cultural Economics is the definitive guide to cultural economics. Short, accessible articles by leading scholars in the field quickly bring the reader up to speed and point them in the right direction for future research. The new edition brings the field to the cutting edge and is a must have for anyone interested in economics and the insights it offers for understanding popular culture and the arts.' - Alex Tabarrok, George Mason University and The Independent Institute, US. © The editor and contributors severally 2011. All rights reserved.

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Preferred by: Ruth Towse

Handbook of Cultural Economics, Third Edition

Authors: Towse, R. and Hernández, T.N.

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 9781788975803


Kushner, R.J. and A.E. King (1994), 'Performing arts as a club good: evidence from a non-profit organization', Journal of Cultural Economics, 18 (1), 15–28. Luther, W.J. (2010), 'Movie production incentives: blockbuster support for lackluster ...

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