Understanding Vulnerability

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Editors: Heaslip, V. and Ryden, J.

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

Place of Publication: Oxford

ISBN: 9780470671368

The notion of vulnerability is critical to person–centred and high–quality nursing and healthcare practice, and underpins all nursing education. Understanding Vulnerability: a Nursing and Healthcare Approach focuses on vulnerability experienced every day by patients and clients in healthcare, and provides clear and supportive guidance to nurses and other healthcare practitioners on protecting and caring for vulnerable patients. Taking a fresh, critical and reflective perspective that reflects current trends towards the promotion of equality and acknowledges everyone’s vulnerability, this book is essential reading for all nursing and healthcare students, as well as healthcare practitioners who are committed to providing person–centred care. Special features: •One of the first books to address the issue of vulnerability from a nursing and healthcare perspective •Written by a group of experienced professionals, academics and educationalists with both educational and research expertise in the exploration of vulnerability •Includes narratives, perspectives and case studies, illustrating and bringing to life the issues within the book

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