Media and the Inner World: Psycho-Cultural Approaches to Emotion, Media and Popular Culture

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Authors: Yates, C. and Bainbridge, C.

Editors: Yates, C. and Bainbridge, C.

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

Place of Publication: Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK and New York, US

ISBN: 9781137345530

This anthology offers unique, psycho-cultural perspectives on media, popular culture and emotion, as developed through the AHRC research network, 'Media and the Inner World'. Applying insights from the spheres of academic scholarship and clinical experience, the psycho-cultural approach of this book demonstrates the usefulness of psychoanalysis for nuanced approaches to media and cultural analysis. The chapters in this volume explore the relationship between media and the inner world by focusing on the inter-relationships between particular emotional themes and media contexts, ranging from fantasies of sporting ritual to the emotional work of cinema, the dynamics of digital narcissism and the relationship between paranoia and television. The book will be useful for students in Media Studies, Cultural Studies, Psychoanalytic Studies and Psychosocial Studies. It will also be of interest to people in professional training and practice in psychotherapeutic organisations and to professionals involved in the culture and media industries.

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