Bilateral trade agreements in the era of globalization: The EU and India in search of a partnership

Authors: Khorana, S., Perdikis, N., Yeung, M.T. and Kerr, W.A.

ISBN: 9781848447950


'While there are no shortages of contributions on the theory or political economy of trade globalization, this monograph addresses the practical and applied side of all stages of trade negotiations between the EU, a group of countries with disparate production and hence trade structures, and an emerging economy. Written in a clear, jargon free style, this publication will be an extremely useful read for academics, policy makers and practitioners specializing in European and emerging countries trade issues.' © Sangeeta Khorana, Nicholas Perdikis, May T. Yeung and William A. Kerr 2010. All rights reserved.

Source: Scopus