Food, Media and Contemporary Culture: The Edible Image

Authors: Batty, C. et al.

Editors: Bradley, P.

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

Place of Publication: Basingstoke

ISBN: 978-1137463227

Food, Media and Contemporary Culture is an innovative and vigorous academic text that is also relevant to contemporary audiences. Contributing scholars range from established and well-published academics to emerging researchers in touch with the cutting edge of new media. This collection addresses the question of why food is such a central issue to our sense of self and how it is used on an everyday basis not just to sustain our physical being but also to express our essential identity. Topics including; the abject use of food in horror films to explore power relations; investigations of celebrity, class and sexuality, in popular media texts like Benidorm and Come Dine With Me and the highly significant and emerging area of Food Porn are covered in the collection, which will be of special interest to the wider viewing community, as well as academics.

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Authors: Bradley, P.

Pages: 1-274

ISBN: 9781349561025

DOI: 10.1057/9781137463234

© Peri Bradley 2016. All rights reserved. Food, Media and Contemporary Culture is designed to interrogate the cultural fascination with food as the focus of a growing number of visual texts that reveal the deep, psychological relationship that each of us has with rituals of preparing, presenting and consuming food and images of food.

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