Authors: Masters, T.

Publisher: Winchester University Press

Place of Publication: Winchester

ISBN: 978-1906113032

Mercurial, pluralistic and singular, the publication of the first two books of Silence in a single volume represents the genesis of a radical new form of epic poetry. Embracing the seemingly diverse spheres of apophatic theology and Big Bang cosmology, and drawing inspiration from the works of Ovid, Joseph Beuys and Ezra Pound, the epic seeks, through the juxtaposition of intuitive and rational voices, to counter-signify the divine darkness of a singularity. Here Nietzsche, Socrates and Dionysos dissolve into a dithyramb of Primordial Fire, whilst Caravaggio, Leonardo and St. Hieronymus perform the photonic dance of the early Matter Era; here the Universe begins to speak through the masks of cultural memory, and laugh in the face of the ineffable.

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