Utilisation of Maternity Care Among Rural women Nepal: Utilisation of Antenatal Care Utilisation of Delivery Care Utilisation of Postnatal Care

Authors: Dhakal-Rai, S., Chapman, G., van Teijlingen, E. and Simkhada, P.P.


Place of Publication: Germany

ISBN: 978-3659111266


Maternity care is still poor in rural areas of Nepal. The study has assessed the utilisation of maternity care among rural women in Nepal. Pregnant women are not receiving quality antenatal care. Some pregnant women do not think need of antenatal care unless there is a problem with their pregnancy. Most of deliveries take place at home by unskilled persons. Still some women give birth without help of anyone. Similarly, utilisation of postnatal care is also very poor. The main reasons of poor utilisation of maternity care are: lack of awareness, distance to health facility and associated cost. For more information please read the book.

Source: Manual