Qualitative Research in Healthcare

Editors: Holloway, I.

Publisher: Open University

Place of Publication: Maidenhead

This book is a comprehensive guide to selecting approaches and carrying out qualitative research. Rather than being prescriptive, it provides information on various data collection procedures and how to make decisions about specific qualitative approaches. Its aim is to extend researchers' understanding of the participants in research, be they patients, peers or students, and to improve clinical practice on the basis of evidence from qualitative studies. Each chapter is illustrated with examples of research projects.

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Authors: Holloway, I. and Galvin, K.

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118874486

Fully updated from the earlier editions by Holloway and Wheeler, it reflects recent developments in nursing research. This new edition provides clear explanations of abstract ideas in qualitative research as well as practical procedures.

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