Social work practice : assessment, planning, intervention and review

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Authors: Parker, J. and Bradley, G.

Publisher: Learning Matters

Place of Publication: Exeter

ISBN: 9781844451135

New social workers will be asked to complete, contribute to and present assessment during practice learning for the degree and once qualified. By working through this book, they can ensure that they understand the features of a good assessment, how they are conducted and some of the difficulties that might arise during the process. The first edition of this book quickly established itself as one of the key texts for students on the social work degree; this new edition has been updated and expanded to reflect the most up-to-date thinking on assessment practice.

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Authors: Parker, J.

Publisher: Learning Matters Limited

ISBN: 9781473989306

This bestselling book will take you step-by-step through the four main aspects of social work practice - Assessment, Planning, Intervention and Review - giving you a complete foundation in each.

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