Social work and disadvantage: addressing the roots of stigma through association

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Editors: Burke, P. and Parker, J.

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Place of Publication: London

ISBN: 9781843103646

This book is a guide to understanding the important issue of stigma - 'associated disadvantage' - which affects not only those who are excluded from society, but also family members and friends. "Social Work and Disadvantage" explains the impact of stigmatization on siblings, families and workers in the caring professions and its consequences for the people it affects and for society as a whole. Contributors provide evidence from research and professional practice on transferability of health and social problems in, for example, dementia care patients, drug users and looked after children. Providing key messages for practice, they outline a range of protection measures to reduce the risk of stigma and victimization. "Social Work and Disadvantage" provides valuable advice and guidance for social work and health care practitioners, educators and students.

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