Effective practice learning in social work

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Authors: Parker, J.


Publisher: Learning Matters

Place of Publication: Exeter

The new honours degree level qualification for social work practice emphasises the centrality of practice learning, and the Department of Health requirements for the degree state clearly that all students must undertake at least 200 days in direct practice learning during their programme of study. Practice learning often raises great anxieties for students, agencies and those who facilitate, supervise and assess it. This book addresses some of those anxieties and provides an introduction and guide to the process. It also explores ways in which the experience can deliver a unique learning opportunity for the student. The book will be ideal for social work students who are undertaking or about to undertake practice learning, and for student supervisors and practice assessors. It will also be of interest to trainers and policymakers within social care agencies and health care professions where practice learning is also undertaken.

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