Integrating Zooarchaeology: Proceedings of the 9th ICAZ Conference

Authors: Maltby, M.

Publisher: Oxbow Books

Place of Publication: Oxford


Zooarchaeological research has great potential to investigate areas of interest to other archaeologists, such as diet, cuisine, trade, ritual, spatial usage, rubbish disposal, production, specialisation, land use, and so on. All too frequently, though, the findings of such studies are not effectively integrated - archaeologists and zooarchaeologists often failing to collaborate with each other. It was with this in mind that the organisers of the ICAZ conference in Durham were keen on having a session on "Integrating Zooarchaeology", which the majority of these papers come from. Contributions are wide-ranging in geographical area, period coverage and subject matter. They cover North and South America, the Near East, Great Britain and Continental Europe, over a period from c.19,000 BP to AD 1778, and explore such themes as hunter/gatherers, early farming, Bronze Age and Iron Age societies, Classical civilisations, the medieval world, New World explorers and the American War of Independence. It is hoped that this volume will encourage further integrated research.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Mark Maltby