Prehistoric Landscape Development and Human Impact in the Upper Allen Valley, Cranborne Chase, Dorset, Cambridge

Authors: French, C., Lewis, H., Allen, M.J., Green, M., Scaife, R.G. and Gardiner, J.

Publisher: McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research

Place of Publication: Cambridge


This volume concerns the palaeo-environmental and archaeological investigations of the upper Allen valley of Cranborne Chase, Dorset, between 1998 and 2003, which revealed sequences of landscape development which contrast with those previously put forward for the region. A programme of valley-wide geoarchaeological survey and palynological analyses of the relict palaeo-channel system was conducted, along with sample investigations and open area excavations of a variety of prehistoric sites in the area. Among the many excellent illustrations, GIS modelling techniques have been used to interrogate and visualise some of this new data which has provided possible independent corroboration.

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