Journalists and their Sources: The Twin Challenges of Diversity and Verification

Authors: Matthews, J.

Editors: Fowler-Watt, K. and Allan, S.

Publisher: Centre for Journalism & Communication Research

ISBN: 978-1-910042-01-4


Factors both external to journalism and internal to journalistic practice are reshaping the dynamics of journalists’ interaction with their sources. In Journalists and Their Sources: The Twin Challenges of Diversity and Verification, Jamie Matthews considers two sets of issues arising from these changes. First to be explored is the claim made by some researchers that the diversity of perspectives and opinion represented in news has been reduced due to journalists simply passing material on from their sources. The second set of issues revolves around how developments in journalism’s professional practice (e.g., those arising from the emergence of new methods and platforms for sourcing information) are impacting on the process of source verification. The twin challenges of diversity and verification are discussed with reference to journalism’s civic function in educating and engaging people in the issues of the day.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Jamie Matthews