Communicating the Occupation: how protest groups shape dissent PR

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Authors: Adi, A. and Feigenbaum, A.

Editors: L'Etang, J., McKie, D., Snow, N. and Xifra, J.

Publisher: Routledge

This chapter explores the communication of some of UK’s most prominent occupy groups - such as London, Edinburgh and Leicester - and reflects how protesters use digital and social media in comparison to the wider UK movement.

The chapter continues previous explorations and comparisons between Occupy Bournemouth and Occupy London (Adi and Moloney, 2012) and therefore expands explorations about dissent PR and appropriation of corporate-like communication tactics by advocacy groups. The method used, exploratory and qualitative, combines visualization of data with critical analysis AND IN-DEPTH-INTERVIEWS allowing for a multi-faceted discussion about the role and uses of technology for strategy building and communication of protest groups. Moreover, the chapter offers critical reflection of current public relations online tactics and communication techniques while raising questions about the strategy of communicating protests and whether dissent PR should be treated as a separate PR category

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