The end of tourism, or endings in tourism?

Authors: Gale, T.

Editors: Burns, P.M. and Novelli, M.

Publisher: CABI

Place of Publication: Wallingford; UK

ISBN: 9781845934040


This chapter picks up the idea of the 'end of tourism' and explores the capacity for 'endings' in tourism in the context of wider debates on mobilities, sustainable development and the risk society. It adopts a more literal interpretation of John Urry's ideas on the 'end of tourism', extending his thesis beyond the social construction of leisure travel - which, it is argued, has become less distinct and more ordinary - to encompass a number of issues that problematize existing notions of tourism as an industry and a phenomenon in ascendancy. These include the decline of traditional seaside resorts, the unsustainability of 'old' and 'new' tourism alike, and the potentially deleterious effects of macro environmental and political crises such as climate change and the 'war on terror'.

Source: Manual

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