Urban beaches as social tourism installations: case studies of Paris Plage and Bristol Urban Beach 2007

Authors: Gale, T.

Editors: Cole, S. and Morgan, N.

Publisher: CABI

Place of Publication: Wallingford; UK

ISBN: 9781845936624


This chapter considers the urban beach as a means of addressing or compensating for non-participation in leisure travel on the part of the least mobile in (post)modern society. It commences with a background to the development of urban beaches in the UK and continental Europe, before examining Paris Plage and Bristol Urban Beach 2007 as case studies. Through a combination of secondary and primary research (including a visitor survey), the chapter evaluates the environmental sustainability and social tourism credentials of the urban beach, ending with a commentary on the enablements and constraints to realizing more sustainable and inclusive forms of tourism through innovations such as this.

Source: Manual

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