The future: Interventions and conceptual issues

Authors: Ellis-Hill, C. and Payne, S.

ISBN: 9780192631671

DOI: 10.1093/acprof:oso/9780192631671.003.0009


This chapter, which serves as the concluding part of the book, summarizes the themes highlighted throughout. It takes note of the three recurrent features highlighted by the researches in this book. These three dominant features are: the recognition of the increasing need to give ample attention to those providing care; the need to understand the everyday mechanism of life rather than purely medical concerns; and the changing nature of caring. This chapter also concludes that to depart from the prescriptive notion of the burden model of caring, one must understand that caring involves making, maintaining, and ending relationships. Discussed as well are the relationships between carers and partners, friends and family, carers and health and social care providers, and with wider society as a whole, and the implications of these relationships within the caring situation and palliative care.

Source: Scopus