Traumatized Heros - War and destruction

Authors: Stutterheim, K.

Editors: Elm, M. and Kobalek, K.

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars

Place of Publication: Cambridge

Throughout history people have been traumatized by war. This trauma is not the exclusive domain of the obvious victim but also makes its mark on the lives of those considered to be heroes. Movies, with their poetic reflection of reality, give us insight into the ulitmate effects of war-like distraction. This enables us - the audience - to view heroic figures in ways that can transcend one-dimensional heroic perspectives. In this essay, two different movies will be discussed, each fecussing on traumatized war heroes. The protagonists of both epic stories are archaic figures represented as individual characters. The cinematic representation of these two individuals will be the main focus of this text. Therefore, aspects of the explicit story and of the implicit dramaturgy will be extracted and explored. Thus, the essay will analyze and discuss how aspects of film language can be used to tell a touching story that attracts the audience.

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