Evolving in step or poles apart?: Online audiences and networking during Poland and France 2011-12 election campaign

Authors: Koc-Michalska, K. and Lilleker, D.G.

Volume: 3

Pages: 1307-1330

ISBN: 9781466683594

DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-8358-7.ch064


Comparative studies are rare in the study of online communication campaigning. The authors chose two cases, Poland and France, to describe the two campaigns for the Parliamentary elections. Content analysis allowed the authors to detect online communication strategies and parties' attempt to reach different audiences. Web-cartography illustrates the parties' network connections. The authors find strong cross-country and resource-based differences for the more interactive and engaging features (Web 2.0), which are not that powerful for explaining audience-targeting strategies. Overall a sales strategy and a focus on marketing dominated over e-representation (exhibiting the parties' political record). In both countries social media platforms are well incorporated into online strategies. Facebook dominates in Poland, Twitter in France. Web cartography gives a counterintuitive picture of the Polish parties' network being much more personalized but also of more ghettoing within the supporting environment.

Source: Scopus