Using the hybrid social learning network to explore concepts, practices, designs and smart services for networked professional learning

Authors: Cook, J., Ley, T., Maier, R., Mor, Y., Santos, P., Lex, E., Dennerlein, S., Trattner, C. and Holley, D.

Editors: Li, Y., Chang, M., Kravcik, M., Popescu, E., Huang, R., Kinshuk and Chen, N.-S.

Pages: 123-129

Publisher: Springer

Place of Publication: Singapore

ISBN: 978-981-287-866-3

DOI: 10.1007/978-981-287-868-7


In this paper, we define the notion of the Hybrid Social learning Netwrok. We propose mechanisms for interlinking and enhancing both the practice of professional learning and theories on informal learning. Our apporach shows how we employ empircial and design work and a Participatory Pattern workshop to move from (kernel) theories via Design Principles and prototypes to social machines articulating the notion of a HSLN. We illustrate this approach with example of Help Seeking for health care professionals.

Source: Manual