Emotions Studied in Context: The Role of the Eating Environment

Authors: Edwards, J.S.A., Hartwell, H.J. and Giboreau, A.

Pages: 377-403

ISBN: 9780081005088

DOI: 10.1016/B978-0-08-100508-8.00015-1


The eating environment is a complex phenomenon involving a number of factors which, either individually or synergistically, have the ability to influence the meal experience. The study of emotions in such circumstances is important as, for example, emotions have the ability to influence behavioral intentions, which in turn influence overall satisfaction and can be effective in the event of service failure.The techniques used to measure emotions in a typical environment tend, for the moment at least, to be restricted to questionnaires, and more recently, interviews, although other techniques continue to be developed. The choice and nuances of a questionnaire require careful deliberation, as no single instrument represents the ideal, and may need to be adapted to fit the circumstances. Similar considerations also apply to interviews along with the sample size. Thereafter, the practicalities of the actual data collection are not something which should be left to chance and each aspect needs to be carefully thought through.

Source: Scopus