Examining the Public Domain Empirically

Authors: Erickson, K., Kretschmer, M. and Mendis, D.

Editors: Drexel, J. and Kamperman Sanders, A.

Pages: 87-116

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishers

Place of Publication: Cheltenham

ISBN: 978 1 78990 234 1


This chapter, based on a project exploring copyright and the value of the public domain (knowledge exchange project funded by ESRC and UKIPO) carried out by a team of researchers at Bournemouth and Glasgow Universities, seeks to explore the value of the public domain empirically in relation to actual practices on the use level. This chapter outlines and explains the methodological approach adopted in defining the ‘public domain’ based on a legal and empirical assessment.

Having explored the various underlying conceptualisations of the public domain in the literature, the chapter adopts a definition (specific to the UK context) covering four main types of materials and examines the public domain from a legal and empirical perspective.


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