"You can take out of it what you want": How learning objects within blended learning designs encourage personalised learning

Authors: Holley, D., Greaves, L., Bradley, C. and Cook, J.

Pages: 285-304

ISBN: 9781605668840

DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-884-0.ch016


This chapter shows how a suite of learning objects were developed by the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning for Reusable Learning Objects (www.RLO-CETL.ac.uk), one of 74 CETLs being funded by the UK's Higher Education Funding Council for England. The learning objects were used to support students within a blended learning context. It shows student personalised learning: learning that can be any time (in the 24 hour digital world), any place (the university experienced in the home or workplace), any where (limited only by the students choice and internet access - trains, boats, planes, global learning). It focuses on two case studies at UK Higher Education institutions that demonstrate any time, any place learning. London Metropolitan University (London Met) and Thames Valley University (TVU), have both used and reused learning objects in different contexts. In each case study the background and the resulting blended learning design is outlined, followed by evaluation data illustrating the student experience and how the learning design and the learning objects have encouraged personalised learning. The chapter concludes with the start of the third iteration of use - to facilitate informal learning 'any where', through the incorporation of learning objects that can be used on mobile phones. © 2010, IGI Global.

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“You Can Take Out of it What you Want” – How Learning Objects Within Blended Learning Designs Encourage Personalised Learning

Authors: Holley, D., Bradley, C., Greaves, L. and Cook, J.

Pages: 285-304

Publisher: IGI Global

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