Incremental spectral clustering

Authors: Bouchachia, A. and Prossegger, M.

Volume: 9781441980205

Pages: 77-99

ISBN: 9781441980199

DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4419-8020-5_4


In the present contribution, a novel algorithm for off-line spectral clustering algorithm is introduced and an online extension is derived in order to deal with sequential data. The proposed algorithm aims at dealing with nonconvex clusters having different forms. It relies on the notion of communicability that allows to handle the contiguity of data distribution. In the second part of the paper, an incremental extension of the fuzzy c-varieties is proposed to serve as a building block of the incremental spectral clustering algorithm (ISC). Initial simulations are presented towards the end of the contribution to show the performance of the ISC algorithm.

Source: Scopus