Educational interventions for the management of children with dry skin

Authors: Ersser, S.J. and Nicol, N.H.

Volume: 9783642276064

Pages: 27-39

ISBN: 9783642276057

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-27606-4_3


This chapter highlights the importance of the education of patients and parents of children with dry skin, especially when chronic. Education is the primary means to address the problems of treatment adherence and the common lack of knowledge, skill and confidence required to largely self-manage this problem. The need to give attention to appropriate daily skin care routine of the parent/child and integrate moisturizer use within this practice is highlighted. The chapter reinforces the importance of structured education, parental involvement within the educational process and their confidence in the process as key success elements. The nature of educational interventions is examined, including the format, timing, rationale and location of the educational process with illustrations of common and new practices, resources and key messages. A summary is given of some of the key evidence on the educational process related to managing dry skin, especially in the case of eczema. Evidence-based education for effective moisturiser use the treatment of dry skin in the absence of other skin disease. Some suggestions for further research are given. Finally, the key learning points are summarised.

Source: Scopus