Islamic perspectives, inclusivity and revitalisation in conceptual frameworks for European social work.

Authors: Ashencaen Crabtree, S.

Editors: Schmid, H. and Sheikhzadegan, A.

Publisher: Springer Nature

Place of Publication: Switzerland


Positions of marginalisation create strong critiques along with alternative perspectives with the potential to make powerful and transformatory contributions to social work. This may involve re-centering many of the values that Islam (and other Abrahamic religions) have always endorsed. For example, proactive community welfare and recognition of the humanity of others, is one such value that is espoused through the religious principle of zakat. Another, insan al-kamil, promotes the aspiration of the ideal and complete human, which in turn challenges the corrosive impact of underprivilege and all its evil manifestations. This, arguably, carries more power towards positive change for the service user than the depersonalised and neutralised practitioners concept of anti-oppressive practice.

Source: Manual