Characteristics of the audience for 'events' at a heritage site

Authors: Light, D.

Pages: 211-218

ISBN: 9780754626978

DOI: 10.4324/9781315239248-21


Special events tourism is a particular form of tourism which has experienced considerable growth in recent years, and is the subject of increasing academic attention.1"6 In contrast with permanent tourist attractions, events are temporary occurrences, usually with a particular theme, which aim to 'attract people (spectators, visitors, residents, guests) to a focal point of a short-lived, organized activity in which the visitor may participate, watch, view, learn from, and enjoy' (p 36).4 They range in scale from international events (eg the World Cup); to national events (eg garden festivals, city festivals); and regional and local events (eg fairs and shows). In some cases the event will be an attraction in its own right, and will be independent of an existing tourist attraction. In other cases the event may take place at an established tourism attraction, often as a means of adding to it a temporary extra dimension, thereby boosting its appeal.4-5 Whatever the type of event, its appeal to tourists lies in its uniqueness and novelty, which distinguishes it from other, permanent tourist attractions.2.

Source: Scopus