Quality drivers in Gulf higher education: Conclusion

Authors: McAlaney, J.

Pages: 80-82

ISBN: 9781032004365

DOI: 10.4324/9781003174172-6


This conclusion presents some closing thoughts on the concepts covered in the preceding chapters of this book. The book explores Higher Education (HE) in the Gulf is undergoing a period of transformation. It describes the issue of corporate identity and brand management in shaping the relationship between a HEI and the wider world, as well as giving the institution an economic advantage. The book focuses on the American higher education system and are also influenced by the ivory tower conceptualisation of what research at HEI should do and look like. It argues that HEIs in the Gulf need to move away these influences and develop their own identity that better fits with the characteristics and regional. The book provides examples of how innovation and entrepreneurship has been embedded into the HE systems of several Gulf countries, noting the differences in approach that have been undertaken in different Gulf countries.

Source: Scopus