Introduction: Context Matters in Human Resource Management

Authors: Adisa, T.A., Mordi, C. and Gbadamosi, G.

Pages: 3-14

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-98309-3_1


Human resource management (HRM) relates to all aspects of people management—from identifying, attracting, recruiting, and selecting people to managing them while in the organisation, to developing and enhancing their competence, evaluating their performance and finally managing their exit from the organisation. For some scholars (e.g., Guest, 2017; Kochan, 1994), HRM also include evaluations of processes and systems for everyday management of people including longer-term HR planning, well-being, and the management of the interface between production process and technologies, as well as the administration of the employment contract and reward systems. In essence, HRM is about employment relations and the management operational approach, and how these affect the existing and prospective workers (Wood & Budhwar, 2021).

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Introduction: Context Matters in Human Resource Management.

Authors: Adida, T.A., Mordi, C. and Gbadamosi, G.

Editors: Adisa, T.A.

Pages: 3-14

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan (Springer Nature)

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