The challenges of introducing sustainable development principles into product design teaching

Authors: Howarth, G. and Hadfield, M.

Editors: Lowe, J.R.

Pages: 35-42

Publisher: Professional Engineering Publishing

Place of Publication: Bury St. Edmunds


It is vital that Engineering Product Designers understand and apply the principles of sustainable development in their university courses and careers. The Royal Academy of Engineering has funded a project to introduce case study teaching in sustainable development design issues to undergraduate students at Bournemouth University. The scheme allows technology transfer from business and industry. the industrial link is provided by Smith & Nephew PLC: a major International Medical Services Device Manufacturer. The paper addresses the specific educational challenges of student-centred web-based learning and teaching strategies applied to the complexity of sustainable development and the needs within industry. The approach has been received enthusiastically and will form the basis of further developments.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Mark Hadfield

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