Sustainable development thinking in tribology design

Authors: Hadfield, M. and Ciantar, C.

Journal: Tribology and Interface Engineering Series

Volume: 48

Pages: 457-464

ISSN: 1572-3364

DOI: 10.1016/s0167-8922(05)80047-1


This paper explores the concept and relevance of sustainable development and its relationship with tribology design. The definition and evolution of sustainable development thinking since the 1980's is reviewed. An engineering context to sustainable development is discussed from an UK perspective. A life cycle approach to quantifying the environmental impact of an engineering component or system is described. "Out of the box" thinking to engineering design such as stakeholder concepts and a waste minimisation approach is outlined. Sustainable development thinking in tribology design is illustrated using a case study of refrigerator wear analysis. The case study illustrates the importance of tribology design and understanding from an environmental viewpoint. © 2005 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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Sustainable Development Thinking in Tribology Design

Authors: Hadfield, M. and Ciantar, C.

Editors: Dowson, D., Dalmaz, G., Priest, M. and Lubrecht, A.A.

Conference: Life Cycle Tribology: 31st Leeds-Lyon Tribology Symposium

Dates: 7-10 September 2004

Pages: 457-464

Publisher: Elsevier

Place of Publication: Amsterdam, Netherlands


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