Mechanical properties of silicon nitride using RUS & C-Sphere methodology

Authors: Hadfield, M., Wang, W. and Wereszczak, A.A.

Conference: CIMTEC 2010: 12th International Ceramics Congress

Dates: 6-11 June 2010


Silicon Nitride is a type of engineering ceramics which has been used in ball bearing and other rolling contact applications due to its good fatigue life, high temperature strength and tribological performance. In this paper, the mechanical properties of Hot Isostatically Pressed (HIPed) and Sintered and Reaction Bonded Silion Nitride (SRBSN) have been studied. The elastic modulus and poisson’s ratio of three type of commerical grade HIPed silicon nitride, and groudn SRBSN with three surface condidtions were measured using a Resonance Ultrasound Spectroscopy (RUS). The RUS measurement reveals the variation of elastic properties across different types of HIPed silicon nitride specimens. The surface strength of silicon nitride are studied using a C-Sphere specimen, and the results show that different commercial grade HIPed silicon nitride show varying surface strength. The surface conditions of ground SRBSN have an effect on the surface strength of the specimens. The RUS and C-Sphere techniques can potentially be used to sample the quality and consistency of ball bearing elements.

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Preferred by: Mark Hadfield

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