A systematic review of the effectiveness of physical activity and other lifestyle interventions in prevention of obesity in adults

Authors: Mobasheri, M., van Teijlingen, E. and Smith, C.

Conference: The 4th Annual Meeting of International Society of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity (ISNPA)

Dates: 16-18 June 2005


Purpose: To review and analyses the evidence on effectiveness of intervention studies for the prevention of obesity in adults and role of physical activity.

Background: Adults form a larger part of population and the aging population leads to more chronic medical problems such as obesity. Change in quality and quantity of diet and sedentary lifestyle may lead to increase in the rate of obesity in adults. Several studies have been conducted to interpret the size of specific roles for each of these factors but still the evidence of effectiveness is not clear.

Method: Search strategies were run through MEDLINE, EMBASE from 1966 to February 2004 for systematic reviews, primary studies and narrative papers. They were assessed for quality; low quality papers were excluded.

Conclusions: We found 3 systematic reviews, 11 primary and 15 narrative studies in prevention of obesity. The best known strategies for the prevention of obesity are behavioural and lifestyle intervention including diet, physical activity, community interventions, media and educational programmes and integrated strategies. Interventions aimed to promote of physical activity and modify dietary habits are as successful in older ages as in younger age. However, there is insufficient evidence of the effectiveness most of these strategies. Many suggest their needs to be appropriate integrated strategy for each country and populations based on their socio-economic characteristics with emphasise on physical activity.


Source: Manual

Preferred by: Edwin van Teijlingen