Research impact - falls (In J. Goodwin [Chair], Research impact – now or never! Maximising research benefits for older people)

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Authors: Nyman, S.R.

Start date: 6 July 2010

By the late 1990’s, the incidence of falls had been investigated intensively for 50 years but with little practical outcome for older people. Funded by Research into Ageing (the biomedical research arm of the former Help the Aged), Dr Skelton was one of the first people to carry out high-quality research into prevention by designing tailored exercise regimens to mitigate the established risk factors for falling. The research led directly to the development of nationally-implemented training for exercise instructors and physiotherapists, the adoption of integrated falls services throughout health authorities through the National Service Framework for Older People (2001) and the introduction of National Falls Awareness Day, organised across the UK annually

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