The Way Things Go. A Way of Doing Things.

Authors: White, N., Di Franco, K. and Quirk, R.

Start date: 14 June 2012

CRATE Studio and Project Space presents two keynote presentations on possibility and spectatorship by Janna Graham and Dave Beech respectively, along with each project as part of the Exhibition as Medium programme being reviewed and discussed by those involved, including Andrew Cross, Bob Levene, Paul O'Neill and Neal White among others, along with an introduction from programme curator Toby Huddlestone.

The symposium will end with a discussion chaired by Paul O'Neill, leading to an open dialogue inviting questions and thoughts from all attendees.

This is the final element of the Exhibition as Medium programme. Beginning with Start Symposium in early 2011, the programme and organisation was always perceived as an ongoing active conversation delving into alternate exhibition formats, thinking about the exhibition as one co-authored artwork rather than a space in which to show separately authored works. The programme has attempted to bridge the chasm between the discussion generated through research and process, and the 'final' exhibited product.

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