Towards a consistent design methodology for run-time reconfigurable systems

Authors: Vasilko, M., Gibson, D., Long, D. and Holloway, S.

Journal: IEE Colloquium (Digest)

Issue: 61

Pages: 21-24

ISSN: 0963-3308


This paper outlines a new design methodology for runtime reconfigurable systems, which advocates closer integration of behavioural, architectural and layout design stages. Such integration permits design space exploration across different abstraction levels, promising reduction of the number of design iterations and generation of high-quality reconfigurable designs. The paper also introduces a new taxonomy, which allows explicit categorisation of variety of reconfigurable systems.

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Towards a Consistent Design Methodology for Run-Time Reconfigurable Systems

Authors: Vasilko, M., Gibson, D., Long, D.I. and Holloway, S.

Conference: IEE Informatics Colloquium on Reconfigurable Systems, Glasgow, March 1999

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