Finance Barriers – teaching finance to non-specialist students

Authors: Boyce, P. and Allen, C.

Conference: Business Management Accountancy and Finance (BMAF) Network Annual conference 2011 - Graduates with Impact: through excellence in business education

Dates: 10-11 May 2011


This workshop builds upon a previous HEA-HLST presentation by the presenters at Bournemouth University, looking at research findings from ‘Crossing the Numbers Barrier’ a study of non-specialist students’ (Sports Management and Sports Coaching programmes) attitudes to learning finance based subjects.

Sectoral management graduates are expected to have a firm understanding of basic accounting and finance – this is borne out by employers, graduates and placement students – yet while financial understanding is acknowledged as a core graduate skill, many non-specialist students find these types of units a challenge.

Therefore understanding the key to a successful pedagogic approach improves not only, student understanding of finance based topics but directly influences graduate employability and subsequent workplace impact.

Pre-placement financial understanding also helps broaden student experience during placements which again adds to employment skills.


The key objectives of the work shop are to:- Share original qualitative findings of the Crossing The Numbers Barrier research Share initial findings of the second stage of this project (a longitudinal study of non-specialist student’s attitude to learning about finance units) Share other’s experiences and issues around the teaching of financial themes to non-specialists.

Highlight innovative best practice of finance teaching that enhances graduate impact

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