Observations of Human Disturbance in Abuko Nature Reserve, The Gambia and Threats to a Wild Population of Temminck’s Colobus, Procolobus badius temminckii

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Authors: Hillyer, A. and Korstjens, A.H.

Start date: 3 December 2013

A pilot study was carried out from March to June 2013 to estimate the size of the Procolobus badius temminckii population in Abuko Nature Reserve, The Gambia and assess any threats. Observations were made of different types of human disturbance or threats caused by management of the reserve that could threaten the health of the reserve itself and this endangered subspecies. Potential pathogenic sources which could be of significant threat included the presence of domestic animals, including dogs, one of which was seen chasing colobus, human defecation in the reserve, expectoration of phlegm by staff, ubiquitous litter including dangerous items such as razor blades, interaction between captive and wild primates and the presence of an abattoir next to the reserve. Individuals with missing hair and scabbing were seen in all followed troops, which may be indicative of ill health.

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