Gateway to Rural International Innovation in Dementia (GRIID) project

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Authors: Cutler, C., Innes, A., Morgan, D., Edvardsson, D., Birkett, P. and Dias, A.

Start date: 4 October 2012

There is an international void of examples of effective and innovative rural dementia services and no central repository for networking and support. Whilst there is a growing body of research focusing on rural dementia care there is a need for instant access to such information by practitioners, educators, service commissioners and providers, and academics for translation into their specific country or regional context.

This study seeks to develop the idea and concept of establishing an International Gateway (for international rural initiatives in dementia) to best practice and research evidence which would be assessable to practitioners, policy makers and academics worldwide. This platform of knowledge would give access to evidence for rural services across countries to enable new and effective ideas to be used and applied for better outcomes for rural people with dementia. GRIID would be the catalyst to bring research and innovation into the rural sector, improve client outcomes and raise the profile of rural dementia care. This paper will focus on the first steps in developing such a gateway and will discuss the findings from a survey of Alzheimer’s Associations worldwide.

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