Applications and developments of blended learning course ecology in architectural design

Authors: Caputo, P., Weber, W., Haefeli, P. and Rega, I.

Journal: PLEA 2006 - 23rd International Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture, Conference Proceedings


EAD is a project with the main aim of developing a blended learning course about how to integrate ecology in the architectural design, both at the level of a single building and of urban landscape. EAD is a project that integrates Swiss Universities, laboratories and tertiary level technical schools with expertise in architecture, energy, ecology, technology, design and communication; the main target are students in architecture. All the contents are in English, while part of it has been also translated in the mother tongues of partners and users. EAD has been used since last academic year for testing the effectiveness of the implemented tools and for analyzing the applications results in order to optimize the overall structure and contents. Then, in the present a.y., didactical experiences with EAD have been carried out in Accademia di Architectura of Mendrisio, in Université de Genève and in Universidade de Brasìlia (BR). Results of the applications are very positive and encourage partners to complete the project, to improve EAD and to explore new uses not only among all the institutions involved but also involving other external institutions.

Source: Scopus

Preferred by: Isabella Rega