A Lifeworld Led Model for Public Health Practice

Authors: Norton, E., Hemingway, A. and Aarts, C.

Conference: Nordic College of Caring Science & the European Academy of Caring Science

Dates: 19-20 March 2015


A Lifeworld Led Model for Public Health Practice Respect for human dignity and integrity is fundamental to care and caring science. Public health practice is care in its broadest sense and is the domain of public health practitioners from diverse backgrounds. Addressing health inequalities is a priority area in public health and in this discussion paper we suggest how public health practitioners may work to reduce health inequalities for individuals and groups in their practice contexts. People are stakeholders in their communities and they have the essential real-life experiences of their own worlds. We propose that in order to reduce health inequalities, practitioners need to be familiar with these real-life perspectives and suggest principles for a lifeworld led approach to public health practice.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Liz Norton