Scaling-up an Evidence-based Intervention for Improving Maternal and Child Health in Nepal

Authors: Silwa;, R.C., Simkhada, P.P., Van Teijlingen, E. and Stephens, J.

Conference: First National Summit of Health and Population Scientists in Nepal

Dates: 11-12 April 2015



This paper reports on a long-term high quality interventions funded and planned by Green Tara Trust (UK) and supported in research terms by Bournemouth University, Liverpool John Moores University and the University of Sheffield. The paper promotes the use of evidence-based health promotion in a low-income country such as Nepal. The key focus is a community-based empowerment intervention using women’s groups in rural localities as the main vehicle for change. Scaling up is better when the original intervention is well studied and evaluated as well as adapted for a larger scale

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Edwin van Teijlingen