Employees are not always what we think they are: can we predict false performance?

Authors: Gbadamosi, G.

Conference: European Academy of Management (EURAM) Conference

Dates: 17-20 June 2015


While interest continues to grow on how to improve both employee and organisational performance, little is known about how employee false performance (FP) may constitute a hindrance to this process. This study examines if and to what extent organisational commitment, trust, core self-evaluations (CSE) and job performance predict FP while also verifying the mediating role of employees’ demographic profile. Structured questionnaires were used to obtain usable data from 1367 employees in Botswana. The result indicated that both continuance commitment and job performance are positively associated with FP; while CSE and trust are negative but insignificantly associated with FP. Controlling for the influence of demographic variables, continuance and affective commitment, education, and job performance emerged the significant predictors of FP. Managerial implications include the need for HR practitioners to give higher considerations to these predictors while putting in place precautionary measures. The study’s limitations were highlighted and directions for future research articulated.

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