A novel audio based approach to game control to encourage musical instrument practice.

Authors: Cobb, J.


Start date: 12 July 2016

A technical summary is presented of work in progress that aims to develop an applied educational game for improving engagement with the learning of a musical instrument. The proposed system is novel through its use of the audio signal from an electroacoustic guitar as the control mechanism for game interaction. The interface mechanism is described together with an outline of the signal processing required to convert the audio signals into game control signals. Some examples, of simple prototype games targeted at novice child musicians in the 8 to 12 years age group are described to demonstrate the educational concept.

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Authors: Cobb, J.E.

Editors: Faily, S., Jiang, N., Dogan, H. and Taylor, J.



Journal: BCS HCI

Publisher: BCS

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