The Role of the Therapeutic Relationship in ACT.

Authors: Bolderston, H., Gillanders, D., Pistorello, J., Walser, R.D. and Holman, G.

Conference: ACBS World Conference IX

Dates: 14-19 June 2016


Most ACT interventions occur within the context of a therapeutic relationship. However, ACT therapist training and accounts of ACT in textbooks may focus more on descriptions of exercises and metaphors, neglecting to address the therapeutic relationship from an ACT perspective. Additionally, many ACT therapists begin their clinician journey with CBT training, which traditionally has not emphasised the therapeutic relationship. This contrasts with other approaches such as humanistic and psychodynamic psychotherapies, and FAP, within the CBS family.

This panel discussion will bring together therapists with a wealth of experience in ACT, FAP, DBT, CBT, Gestalt, and other approaches. Issues the panel (and audience!) will discuss include: What can ACT theory and therapy bring to our understanding of the therapeutic relationship?; How can we best use the therapeutic relationship within the ACT model?; The different approaches to the therapeutic relationship across contextual therapies.; The impact on the therapist of offering ACT.

Source: Manual

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