Strategies for Collaborative Work Delivery: The Case of Local Regeneration Partnerships in Nigeria

Authors: Apostolakis, C.

Conference: British Academy of Management

Dates: 6-8 September 2016


Strategies for collaborative work have been paramount in the context of public-private partnerships delivery as they determine long-term feasibility of relevant programmes. This paper discusses and provides explanation about the challenges and contexts faced in partnership working for the survival of Nigerian local regeneration partnerships. To this extent, three performance criteria are used: goals that were met; ability by partners to implement agreed actions and the perceived effectiveness of the partnership working as argued by participants.

Methodology-wise the paper is primarily depended on a qualitative approach that offers ability for conduct of semi-structured interviews as well as accumulation of secondary data. A rich context of findings was collected via based upon collaborative elements i.e. mutual interdependence, trust, transparency and accountability that was identified at the delivery stage of two Nigerian local regeneration partnerships. The impact of these findings are comprehensively analysed and discussed and advantages and challenges are recognised.

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