Interventionsstudien als Link zwischen Forschung und Praxis - wie geht das? / Intervention studies linking research and practice - how does it work?

Authors: Hegedüs, A., Richter, D., Wolfensberger, P. and Aquilante, S.

Editors: Schulz, M., Schoppmann, S., Gurtner, C., Stefan, H., Finklenburg, U., Needham, I. and Hahn, S.

Start date: 22 September 2016

Journal: Vorträge, Workshops und Posterpräsentationen Dreiländerkongress Pflege in der Psychiatrie

Issue: 13

Pages: 122-124

Publisher: Verlag Berner Fachhochschule, Fachbereich Gesundheit, Forschung & Entwicklung / Dienstleistung Pflege

Place of Publication: Bern, Switzerland

ISBN: 978-3-033-05784-5

Nursing research projects can provide an opportunity to implement new knowledge into practice. However, there are more obstacles than one might want to face. This paper outlines a workshop that is dealing with those obstacles and advantages.

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